Wet Traveler – Simpati #GoDiscover Surfing Lhoknga – Aceh


Aceh -the most west province of Indonesia- offers so many interesting things for adventure, including surfing.

Untuk yang sudah pernah baca di blog gw tentang surfing Aceh ini sekarang bisa lihat versi visualnya.

The surfing spots spread in some areas in Aceh, and Lhoknga is one of them. Located not too far from Banda Aceh (only 30 minutes driving) makes it easy to reach.

English subtitle available.

8 Replies to “Wet Traveler – Simpati #GoDiscover Surfing Lhoknga – Aceh”

  1. Hello kak gemala ,
    Cuma mau kasih sedikit info tentang spot surf
    Di simeulue Aceh itu ombak nya bagus
    Ada 10spot surf yg bisa di coba
    Kalo dari Medan , kakak terbang ke simeulue naik wings air
    And im sure you’ll not dissapoint about that! Still forest every where!! Jungle style! I think its a good style! I just came back from there! Is a high tight season! Hope this info will inspire you! And you can ask me where you gonna stay because my friend has a awesome bungalow and can bring you to the best spot!

  2. Kak Al, salam kenal ya. Ada info surfers lokal di lhoknga yang mungkin mau atau bersedia jadi instruktur ga? Saya tertarik sekali untuk belajar surfing. Thx Kak

    1. Halo Adnan, bisa kontak temen2 di Lhoknga lewat Yudi di 08126942879. Dia owner dari yudi’s place (spt yang ada di episode surfing lhoknga). Nanti dari Yudi bisa diarahkan ke temen2 yg bisa mengajarkan.

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