Hi I’m Gemala


As a female surfer, i’m so lucky to live in Indonesia, a country that has an amazing waves for surfing that spread along islands.

Living in big city doesn’t stop me doing surftrip to explore the coastline to find a good waves for surfing in Indonesia.


But with so many island, Indonesia has many good spot not only  for surfing, also for the underwater beauty with amazing dive spots. No wonders they say that Indonesia is Disneyland for surfing.

My job as a professional surfer for Roxy Indonesia and host for traveling programe give me opportunity to experience surfing many spots in Indonesia. From Aceh, Mentawai to Nias in west side of Indonesia to Nemberala, the place with perfect left hander in East Indonesia. You will find any character you like in surfing Indonesia.

For those who falls in love to underwater, Indonesia have a spot where you can dive or swim along with whalesharks and mantas, or maybe just enjoying the vivid colour of the corals. For diver who loves macro, you need to check this!

Being a traveler makes me love to write all the experiences in ‘travel stories’. Besides surfing Indonesia and underwater, I also share tips that might be useful for beginner surfer and other traveler.

Since I collaborate with Pinneng, the underwater photographer, we make a YouTube channel : Wet Traveler. Feel free to take a look and subscribe our channel as we make it mostly in english. Don’t miss any great video from us.

I hope you will enjoy your journey to the surfing Indonesia and underwater stories. Don’t hesitate to contact me on [email protected]  for more info.




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